If you’re interested in joining our team at DigiOutbound, it’s very likely that you’ll have some questions for us before you make the decision to send through your CV. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked ones, and their answers: Please see below…

    What is Flexi and who can apply?

    Flexi is a new position that was created at DigiOutbound, and is designed to attract staff who do not necessarily want to work a full 8-hour day. This is aimed at Foreign Language speakers, as well as students, stay-at-home moms, or people who would like to moonlight on the side.

    What are my minimum and maximum hours?

    Flexi staff may work a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 20 hours a week. You will therefore be able to manage your own shifts and work the hours that suit you.

    How do I get paid if I’m on Flexi?

    The salary is paid bi-weekly, and is based on uncapped commission only, with no fixed salary.

    What is the difference between being on a Permanent and a Flexi contract?

    Permanent staff receive a fixed salary, uncapped commission, medical aid and group life benefits. Flexi staff only receive uncapped commission, but manage their own hours – should you work 4 or more hours, you will also receive a meal for the shift worked.



    As a foreign applicant, what options are available for me to work at DigiOutbound?

    The options available are:

      Who can apply for a Critical Skills Visa (CSV)?

      Anyone who is in possession of critical skills and expertise, or skills that are critical for the advancement of South Africa's economy can apply. Foreigners need to apply at the South African foreign mission in their country of residence, or home country. Several preparatory steps must be taken, and a wide range of documents must be supplied.

      Which jobs and professions are considered critical skills?

      Please find the jobs that are deemed critical for the advancement of the South African economy here The listing starts on page 12 of the regulations.

      How long are the CS Visas generally granted for?

      Critical Skills Visas are granted for a maximum of 5 years and renewals are possible.

      If the visa has been granted already for a five-year period, do I need to report back to the DHA within 12 months, regarding the job taken up?

      Yes, this report is to be filed directly with the Department of Home Affairs to validate the visa. Info can be found here.

      What documents must be supplied when applying for a Critical Skills Visa?

      You will find the documents listed on the VFS website, or you can contact the foreign mission in your country of residence.

      How long does the application take?

      This depends on the country or foreign mission where the CSV is applied for. Usually, applications take at least 6 weeks from handing in at the foreign mission to receiving an outcome.

      How long does the application take?

      The whole process will usually take 8 weeks, but may be much longer. This is due to the requirements of submissions of police certificates, medical reports, evaluation of skills by SAQA and registration with a South African professional body.

      Where do I start when first applying for a CSV?

      Check if your expertise/skills/profession is listed among the critical skills by the DHA here Following this, apply for evaluation of your qualifications from SAQA, and then register for membership at a professional body/association. Read more here.



      How long are Visitor Visas for spouses and life partners of South African citizens granted for?

      Spousal Visas are temporary residency visas, granted for periods of 2 years.

      How long do I have to be married to apply for this kind of visa?

      There is no minimum time span required, you simply need to supply your marriage certificate and be prepared for the spousal interview, which is conducted at the DHA. Applications for spouses to stay with their South African spouses are straightforward.

      Can foreign spouses travel to South Africa with a Visitor Visa and apply locally for a Spousal Visa?

      No, applications must be initiated in the home country/country of usual residence. There have been rumours that spouses can now apply from within South Africa, but this has yet to be confirmed by DHA.

      Can spouses work on a Visitor Visa 11(6)?

      Yes, they are allowed to work, study or own a business with an endorsement to work, study or to conduct own business after submitting a separate visa form, where then the authorisation to take up work will be granted.

      Do spouses need to supply information regarding financial support, as with the Relative's Visa?

      No. Spouses must only submit written undertaking by the South African spouse or PRR holder accepting full financial responsibility. An interview (of both spouses) at the DHA is mandatory.

      Are life partnerships recognised?

      Yes, they are recognised, however, applicants must provide proof of co-habitation for 2 years, via verified address records, or provide official recognition of the relationship by the relevant authorities, an affidavit confirming the existence of the relationship, and a notarial agreement signed by both partners.

      How long are Life Partner Visas granted for?

      A Life Partner Visa is a temporary visa granted for a period of 2 years, but it can be renewed.

      Can life partners also apply for permanent residency?

      Yes, they enjoy the same recognition as married partners.



      If I want to reside in South Africa long term or forever, when can I apply for a Permanent Residency Permit (PRP)?

      If you are on a valid Spousal or Work Visa, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence. The application process, however, is a lengthy one and will take approximately 8 – 12 months to be finalised.

      • PR with Spousal Visa – you must have a Spousal Visa for 5 years
      • PR with Work Visa – you must have 5 years post qualification experience.
      Will the company assist me with my Permanent Residence Application, and what do I need to submit?

      Once you have been employed at DigiOutbound for 2 years, the company will assist you with your Permanent Residence Application. A detailed checklist outlining all the requirements will be sent to you by one of our Immigration Officials.

      Does a PR Permit ever expire?

      Yes, when the permit holder resides outside of the country for a prolonged time of 3 years. Therefore, we would recommend that you return to South Africa for at least 4 to 6 weeks to keep your permit valid.

      How long does a Visa Process take?

      A Visa Process can take 2 – 6 months.

      What costs does DigiOutbound cover?

      Permit fees, courier fees, translation fees and qualification comparison reports.

      What costs am I expected to cover?
      • Medical costs of obtaining a radiologist report and Medical Certificate.
      • Any costs associated with obtaining police clearance certificates.
      • Any transport or accommodation costs you incur in your own country while travelling to or from the South African Embassy.



    Does the company pay for my relocation costs?
    • International relocation is covered for any relocation that takes place at the request of the business. This will not include the relocation of furniture, but does cover accommodation for up to 3 months in a company apartment (shared), or at a suitable rental subsidy for 3 months. A one-way flight and one excess luggage cost are covered.
    • As an alternative to these direct costs, the business may allocate a fixed amount for the employee to use at their discretion. This amount will be paid to them tax-free as per SARS relocation expenditure allowance, provided proof of expenditure is retained.



  •   BENEFITS  
    How does the commission structure work?

    Commission is uncapped with one of the most lucrative remuneration structures in the industry. At DigiOutbound, the definition “work hard, play hard” is just that. You get your commission monthly on a Permanent contract, and bi-weekly on a Flexi contract.

    Do you provide any insurance cover, such as Group Life and Disability cover?

    Yes – as a compulsory benefit. This is currently provided through Discovery Life. The Employee and the Employer share the cost in accordance with tax legislation. The benefits are outstanding and include a tax-free lump sum of five times your annual salary as a life cover benefit to your elected dependents, and school fees and university fees paid for your children. The disability cover benefit pays you a monthly income of 75% Flat of your monthly risk salary, up to a maximum of R100 000 per month for a valid Income Continuation Benefit claim.

    Do you provide Medical Aid?

    This is a compulsory benefit. With the costs of medical treatments and the strain placed on government medical services, everyone should have private medical aid insurance. We offer our employees the choice of two Providers: Discovery Health (who have 16 different plans to choose from) and Momentum Health (who have 6 plans to choose from). This benefit is structured into the salary so that the employee enjoys the maximum allowable tax benefit.

    Do you offer additional benefits to Foreign Language Employees?

    Due to the shortage of Foreign Language skills in South Africa, we rely on employing non-South Africans so that we can utilise their home-language skills in our business. In return, we offer a world-class employment experience. We strive to make the move to join our company and relocate to Cape Town as stress-free as possible. We also acknowledge that some foreigners may not want to settle in Cape Town permanently, and simply want to experience the life and culture of another country for just a couple of years. We therefore offer many additional benefits to our 'imported skill providers' as an incentive to keep them employed with us for as long as possible. Besides the obvious benefit of having international working experience added to your CV, we offer the following to our Foreign Employees:

    • Foreign Language Retention Incentive Scheme:

      This benefit takes the form of a guaranteed incentive bonus. It pays out quarterly and applies only to non-SA citizens who work in our shift environments. Terms and conditions do exist, essentially meaning that the scheme is designed to encourage the employee to stay with us for an additional quarter.

      Relocation Support:

      Foreigners relocating to Cape Town can opt for 3 months free accommodation in a shared apartment, or a tax-free relocation allowance (only tax-free if proof of expenditure is provided) for 3 months. This initial 3-month period provides enough time to acclimatise and find suitable lodgings for a longer term. We also offer the services of a Concierge who will assist you in finding a suitable place to rent in safe, clean suburbs, and within easy transport of the offices. We do add a 'Claw-back' period to this benefit – thus encouraging employees to remain with us for at least 12 months afterwards to ensure the return on this investment.

      Work Permit:

      Please see the FAQs on Work Visa & Permit Options for full details here. Essentially, most costs incurred in obtaining the necessary Work Visa are covered for all foreigners. The only exception is the personal costs of passport renewal fees, a medical or radiograph report, and your personal police clearance certificate. All other fees are covered. We add a 'Claw-back' period to this benefit – thus encouraging employees to remain with us for at least 12 months afterwards to ensure the return on this investment.

      Annual Flight Subsidy:

      This benefit is applicable to foreign language employees who are not permanent residents of SA. Once a year, we will subsidise the cost of a return flight ticket to your home country. The subsidy amount is sufficient to fully cover most flights anywhere in Europe. We add a 'Claw-back' period to this benefit – thus encouraging employees to remain with us for at least 12 months afterwards to ensure the return on this investment.



    What initial Training do you offer?

    You will be given comprehensive training to ensure you have all the knowledge and skills you need to be successful. We run a full Training Centre with professional facilitators and fully equipped computer-training rooms. All our training is paper-less, and all materials are available online and fully searchable. All our assessments are completed online, with instant results.

    What is your People Development Model?

    Our People Development Model sums up all our development practices. We provide training, ongoing sales coaching and development initiatives aimed at the individual, at work teams, at performance generally, and at a wider audience, encouraging employee engagement. Each of these stages is addressed in a managed, defined, planned, and optimised manner, and comprises a number of interventions that contribute towards growing the individual, the team, or a specific performance metric identified in the business.

    Do you offer study sponsorships?

    Yes, depending on the role and the specific studies. Studies will either be sponsored in full, in portion or via a study loan. Study loans are offered for specific relevant studies only, and are interest and tax-free. They also need to be repaid over a maximum of 12 months.




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